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Diving in Cabo Pulmo National Park is an experience of a life time!  Protected for nearly 20 years has made this park the only surviving coral reef that exists in the Gulf of California. It’s a year round paradise for both divers and snorkelers, with excellent visibility and temperate waters, this ensures that divers will be able to catch sight of multicolored fish, deep sea species and mammals that inhabit the Sea of Cortez including whale sharks, dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles and bull sharks.

This course allows you to start Scuba Diving straight away!  After a short briefing and an introduction to your diving equipment you will go to our pool with our experienced instructor and learn basic scuba skills and techniques.  Then it’s off to the Sea of Cortez to experience the magical underwater world of Cabo Pulmo Marine Park. This course is perfect for people who aren’t quite sure if scuba diving is their thing, but once you experience this course you will be hooked for life.

If you are interested in learning how to dive, then check out our special winter packages on CaboPulmo.com .  Specifically we have the Eat, Sleep & Play which includes packages consisting of snorkeling, diving, discover scuba or mountain biking on 15 miles of some of the best laid out trails in Mexico.

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